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Most Popular Engagement Rings

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Most Popular Engagement Rings

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Ring with Square Diamond

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Platinum, White gold 18K, White diamond
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  • Mikhail

    I think my wife like PIERRE very much. She found the right place. After the engagement ring, we ordered another one for her birthday — the result is wonderful, and everyone is deli...


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FAQ: Most Popular Engagement Rings

What engagement rings are currently the most popular among couples?

Popular engagement ring styles often include classic solitaire, halo, vintage, and three-stone designs due to their timeless appeal.

How do diamond shapes, such as round, princess, and emerald, impact the popularity of engagement rings, and what are the distinctive features of each?

Different diamond shapes offer unique aesthetics, and their popularity varies based on individual preferences and trends.

What metal choices are in vogue for engagement rings, and how do they influence the overall look and durability of the ring?

Popular metals for engagement rings include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, each with its own appeal and characteristics.

Are there specific gemstone choices besides diamonds that are gaining popularity in engagement rings, and what are the reasons behind this trend?

Some couples opt for colorful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or morganite, adding a personal touch and unique style to their engagement rings.
Prices for Most Popular Engagement Rings in Hong Kong
Round Diamond Small Ring La Promesse HK$96
Princess Diamond Small Ring La Promesse HK$96
Rectangular Diamond Ring in White-Rose Gold HK$82
Heart Diamond Halo Halo Engagement Ring HK$88
Classic Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring White Gold HK$82
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