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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

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Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond

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Platinum, White gold 18K, White diamond
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Customer reviews for Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

  • Dimitriy

    The result was wonderful. I like everything. The ring turned out to be superb. I think I'll make my wife happy on March 8.


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FAQ: Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

What are emerald cut engagement rings, and what distinguishes them from other diamond shapes?

Emerald cut engagement rings feature a rectangular or square-shaped diamond with cut corners. They are known for their elegant and understated beauty, characterized by step-cut facets that create a hall-of-mirrors effect.

What are the unique characteristics of the emerald cut diamond that appeal to couples?

Emerald cut diamonds are favored for their clean lines, timeless appearance, and ability to showcase the diamond's clarity and natural beauty. They offer a sophisticated and vintage-inspired look.

What types of settings and metals complement emerald cut engagement rings?

Emerald cut engagement rings can be set in various styles, including solitaire, three-stone, and halo designs. They pair beautifully with metals like white gold, platinum, or yellow gold, allowing for customization to match personal preferences.

Are there any specific care recommendations for preserving the beauty of emerald cut engagement rings?

To maintain the beauty of emerald cut engagement rings, regular cleaning with a soft brush and mild soap is recommended. Additionally, having the ring professionally inspected and serviced periodically can help ensure its longevity.
Prices for Emerald Cut Engagement Rings in Hong Kong
Rectangular Diamond Ring White Gold HK$121
Three-Stone Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold HK$865
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in Futuristic Style HK$121
Futuristic Style Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold HK$121
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